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venus as torpedo


HeavyShield, Faye (1996)

Faye HeavyShield speaks to women's culture where relations between mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends hold a commonality allowing us to touch and be touched by each other. The stories which form the ground for venus as torpedo are drawn from her own and other women's lives and histories. The venus, the sculptural element which was central to the exhibition, with its skin of women's and girls' clothing, its voices emanating from within, speaks to the way that individual women together make up a community of women. This is a community developed, and where women gain strength, through their talk.

Curator: Vera Lemecha
Description: 16 pages; 3 b&w, 5 colour illustrations
Essay: Vera Lemecha
ISBN: 0-920085-88-1

Retail Price: $10.00
Wholesale Price: $7.50
RPL Call Number: 709 HEAVY 

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