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Safe Use and Conduct Bylaw

The Regina Public Library is a dynamic hub of literacy, learning, curiosity and new ideas, integral to the social and economic vibrancy of Regina. We inspire individuality, connection and diversity. We are an integrated cultural organization that exists to provide opportunities for discovery and learning in an inclusive, customer-centred, and safe environment.

The library's purpose and objective in enacting this bylaw is to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all staff and customers of the library, both on-site and off-site, and in the digital services realm, and further to protect and preserve property under its control.

This bylaw may be cited as: The Regina Public Library Safe Use and Conduct Bylaw, and is enacted under The Public Libraries Act 1996, which states: “A public library board may make bylaws respecting: (a) the safety and use of its libraries; (b) the admission of the public to its libraries; and (c) all other matters and things connected with the management of the library and with the management of all property under its control intended to affect persons in their use of the library or its property.” (Public Libraries Act, 1996, section 68).

In this bylaw and all other bylaws of the Regina Public Library, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a)  “Act” means The Public Libraries Act, 1996 of the Province of Saskatchewan; 
(b)  “bylaw” means any bylaw of the Regina Public Library in force and effect; 
(c)  “library” includes any building or mobile unit from which the Regina Public Library operates a library service as well as  the surrounding premises including its grounds, parking, access, and egress; 
(d)  “Library Director” means the Library Director & Chief Executive Officer of the Regina Public Library or any person so designated by the Library Director & Chief Executive Officer; 
(e)  “customer” means anyone who is on the library premises and is not an on-duty staff member, a contracted service provider, a volunteer, or a board member;
(f)  “staff” means all individuals employed by the library; and
(g)  all undefined terms in the bylaws which are defined in the Act shall have the meaning given to such terms in the Act.


1.0  Customers shall abide by all Regina Public Library policies and the direction of library staff and security personnel.

2.0  No one shall intimidate, harass, or abuse others, or exhibit rude or disorderly behavior, undertake illegal activity, or otherwise interfere with another’s use and enjoyment of the library, while on library premises, at a library event, on-line, or in correspondence with library representatives or other customers.

3.0  Library property and equipment use:
   3.1  Customers shall use all collections, equipment, facilities and furniture on the premises of the library for their intended purposes.
   3.2  It is an offence pursuant to The Public Libraries Act, 1996 and The Criminal Code to steal, vandalize, commit on-line vandalism, make an unauthorized intrusion into a library computer or a network, or mutilate, or destroy library property including but not limited to, books, magazines, materials or equipment. Such an offence may be punishable by fines, bans, criminal conviction, or all three. 
   3.3  Where security systems are available, customers shall individually pass through the system upon exiting the library. If the security system alarm is activated, or library staff on reasonable grounds believe that library property has not been properly checked out, customers shall upon request, allow a library employee or agent to inspect their belongings.
   3.4  No individual shall obstruct library entrances or exits.

4.0  Safe on-Line and technology use:
   4.1  Library computers or devices shall not be used for illegal or criminal purposes.
   4.2  Library computers or devices shall not be used to seek unauthorized access to websites or proprietary data of any kind.
   4.3  Downloading, transmitting, or exporting illegal material of any kind on library computers or devices is prohibited.
   4.4  The library is not responsible for children’s use of the Internet while in the library. Parents or guardians are responsible for the supervision and safety of their children in the use of online content and technology.

5.0  All library customers shall comply with applicable public health codes and regulations.

6.0  The library reserves the right to require children to be accompanied by an adult while on library premises.

7.0  Service animals (as defined in: The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code 2018, Policy on Service Animals) are allowed to accompany customers.

8.0  The library is a smoke free environment.  Smoking or vaping of any substance is prohibited in all areas within the library and on library property, with the exception of a smudging ceremony which has been previously approved by the Library Director as part of an event.

9.0  Food and drink:
   9.1  Eating and consumption of non-alcoholic beverages is allowed in designated areas within the library. 
   9.2  Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed in designated areas when a liquor license has been obtained and is in place. The library’s Alcohol for Public Events policy governs this issue. All other sale and consumption of alcohol on library premises is prohibited.
   9.3  Customers shall not traffic, consume, or be under the obvious influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances, while on library property.

10.0  Sleeping is not permitted in the library. To ensure library customers are well and are not in need of emergency services, anyone who is found to be sleeping will be wakened.

11.0  Library customers will wear appropriate attire and footwear at all times while in the library.

12.0  Library customers shall not bring bicycles or other obstructive equipment into the building. Library customers shall not use roller blades, skateboards, or other sporting equipment while on library premises.

13.0  Library customers shall exit promptly if instructed to do so by library staff, security guards or emergency services personnel.

14.0  Unauthorized access:
     14.1  Library customers shall not enter unauthorized areas on library premises or make an unauthorized intrusion into public areas during events when the library is closed.
     14.2  Library customers who have been banned shall not enter library premises while banned.

15.0  While on library premises, or during an off-site library event, no customer shall, without the previous written authorization of the Library Director:
     15.1  offer for sale or distribute any newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, leaflet, printed material or matter of any kind;
     15.2  beg or solicit for any purposes; or
     15.3  post any letter, poster or notice.

16.0  A customer contravening any provision of this bylaw may:
     16.1  have borrowing privileges suspended or revoked;
     16.2  be prohibited from entering the library; 
     16.3  be prosecuted under The Public Libraries Act, 1996; 
     16.4  be charged by police under The Criminal Code or other legislation.

17.0  The bylaw comes into force upon the day it is passed.

Enacted by the Board the 22nd day of September, 2020.

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