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Safe Use and Conduct Bylaw


THE REGINA PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD HEREBY ENACTS pursuant to Section 68 of The Public Libraries Act, 1996 Bylaw No.1 of The Regina Public Library (hereinafter the "Public Library"), as follows:


1. The Public Library is committed to providing a quality environment and universal access for the delivery of information for cultural, economic, educational and recreational development to the public. The Public Library's purpose and objective in enacting the within bylaw is to maintain a safe environment for all staff and patrons of the Public Library, and further, to protect and preserve property under its control.


2. This bylaw may be cited as: "The Public Library Safe Use and Conduct Bylaw".


3. Patrons shall use all collections, equipment, facilities and furniture on the premises of the Public Library for their intended purposes.

4. Patrons shall abide by all Public Library Regulations.

5. Upon registration for a permanent Regina Public Library card, patrons shall present two pieces of current identification: one of which establishes a Regina residency; and the other a valid Saskatchewan Health Card or other identification approved by the Public Library.

6. The Public Library is a smoke free environment. Smoking is prohibited in all areas within the Library including the lobby.

7. (a) Consumption of non-alcoholic beverages and eating is allowed only in

designated areas within the Public Library;

(b) Patrons may consume alcoholic beverages only:

(i) in designated areas; and

(ii) when a liquor license for library purposes has been obtained.

8. Except for guide dogs, patrons shall not bring animals into the Public Library.

9. The Public Library reserves the right to require children on library premises to be accompanied by an adult.

10. All patrons of the Public Library shall comply with applicable public health codes and regulations.

11. Except for library staff and persons authorized by the library, patrons shall promptly leave library premises at closing times.

12. Patrons shall:

(a) not enter unauthorized areas on library premises; and

(b) not enter library premises when banned.

13. While on library premises no patron shall, without the previous written authorization of the Library Director:

(a) offer for sale or distribute any newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, leaflet, printed

material or matter of any kind;

(b) beg or solicit for any purposes; or

(c) post any letter, poster or notice.

14. (a) Where security systems are available, patrons shall individually pass through the system upon exiting the library;

(b) If:

(i) the security system alarm is activated, or

(ii) library staff on reasonable grounds believe that library property has not been properly checked out, patrons shall allow upon request, a Public Library employee or agent to inspect their belongings.

15. Patrons shall not exhibit rude or disorderly behaviour while on Public Library premises by making undue noise, physical disruption, being intoxicated, being verbally abusive, engaging in sexual misconduct or harassment, stalking, voyeurism, or otherwise interfere with another's use and enjoyment of the Public Library, and such conduct may be subject to proceedings pursuant to The Criminal Code where applicable.

16. It is an offence pursuant to The Public Libraries Act, 1996 and The Criminal Code to steal, vandalize, mutilate, or destroy library property including but not limited to, books, magazines, materials or equipment, and such an offence may be punishable by criminal conviction, fine, or both.


17. If a patron contravenes any provision of this bylaw, the Library Director may:

(a) suspend or revoke the patron's borrowing privileges;

(b) prohibit the patron from entering the library facility for a specified period of time;

(c) initiate a prosecution under The Public Libraries Act, 1996; or

(d) call the police for assistance, who may commence proceedings under

The Criminal Code.


18. In this bylaw and all other bylaws of the Public Library, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) "Act" means The Public Libraries Act, 1996 of the Province of Saskatchewan;

(b) "bylaw" means any bylaw of the Public Library in force and effect;

(c) "Board" means the Board of the Regina Public Library;

(d) "written" includes printing, typewriting, electronic mail and other modes of representing or reproducing words in visible form;

(e) "library" includes any building or mobile unit from which the Public Library operates a library service;

(f) "Library Director" means the Library Director or Chief Operating Officer of the Public Library or any person so designated by the Library Director or Chief Operating Officer;

(g) "patron" means anyone who is on the library premises;

(h) "resident" means anyone who resides within the City of Regina, or anyone who owns real property within the City of Regina;

(i) all undefined terms in the bylaws which are defined the Act shall have the meaning given to such terms in the Act;

19. This bylaw comes into force upon the day it is passed.


Enacted by the Board the 18th day of June, 1996.

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