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10 Essential Rules for Successful Grant Writing


Learn why funding programs are created, what funders are trying to achieve with their programs, and how to write strong proposals for funding agencies.

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The overall philosophy of the course will be to teach students the art of writing strong proposals to funding agencies.  Students will learn why funding programs are created and what funders are trying to achieve with their programs.  The essential element in all proposals is based on a specific need in society.  Programs are designed to trigger actions to make critical changes that address the need that the funder wants  with their program. 

 A need is built from a number of sources political, social and economic.  Funding programs seek  to meet the desired outcomes  of all these areas.  The change the funder is seeking is couched in outcome based thinking, or in other words the change they want to see.

The trigger for change funders use are, financial incentives  which can come in the form of contribution agreements, outright gifts or other similar instruments/arrangements.  To ensure that funding programs  achieve the outcomes they seek, guidelines and criteria are developed to manage and implement the program.    In this course students will become familiar with all of these concepts. 

Part of RPL's Writes of Spring. 

15 spots available
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Apr 11 2019, 7:00pm - 8:30pm


Central Adult, CE-1

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Business and Careers


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