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Cyber Safety and Digital Awareness @ RPL

What is Cyber Safety?

Simply put, cyber safety is the responsible use of the internet and social media sites, in order to minimize security and personal safety risks.

Whether you are using a computer or mobile device at the library or at home, this resource guide will help you protect your personal information, and your personal safety, while navigating the internet.

Online Security

The Regina Public Library provides free, unrestricted, unfiltered access to the internet in all of our locations through approximately 190 public access computers and Wi-Fi service. We value your personal privacy and automatically erase all of your search history, saved documents, and any other work you've done on the RPL's computers when you log out. But the Internet doesn't always do this; in fact, you can find traces of yourself and your searches sometimes even years later! This is referred to as your digital footprint or digital tattoo. Learn more about this, as well as general information on internet security, on the following websites:

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Cyber Bullying

There has been growing concern over the impact of online bullying in our communities. Learn more about this, and how you can protect yourself and your family and friends, on the following websites:

  • Get Cyber Safe - The Government of Canada's comprehensive website on cyber safety.
  • Media Smarts - A comprehensive Canadian website focusing on digital and media literacy. This site includes an abundance of information on cyber security, cyber bullying, pornography, sexual exploitation, and more.
  • RCMP: Bullying and Cyberbullying - Learn about in-person and online bullying from the RCMP.
  • Kids Help Phone - This site includes information on sexting (sending sexually explicit text messages), internet safety, bullying, and more. It includes a live chat feature and phone line for kids and teens seeking support and advice.
  • - Canada's national tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children, operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. Also provides information, support, and referral services to help keep families safe online. Includes a self/peer exploitation guide for families, addressing the growing concern of "sexting" online. 

For Parents and Caregivers

  • The Door That's Not Locked (Canadian Centre for Child Protection) - This site contains resources and tools to help parents and, teachers, (and everyone else!) keep children safe while spending time on the internet.
  • Sasktel Youth Safety Support Hub - Includes technical tips and tricks to help parents and guardians manage their children's time, privacy, and safety on the internet.
  • Vancouver Public Library Showreel - A digital forum featuring guest speakers from the BC RCMP, who speak on several issues relating to cyber safety. Includes valuable advice on how to build trust with your child or teen in order to educate and empower them to navigate social media sites safely.

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The Regina Public Library supports physical, intellectual, and cultural access in a welcoming environment.

We support the principle of intellectual freedom and the rights of each citizen to privacy, communication and action within the law. The Library endorses the Canadian Library Association Statement on Intellectual Freedom.

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