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    The ukulele is a high pitched, four string, hollow body instrument, averaging between 54 - 61 cm in length. The strings are made of nylon or gut. The ukulele is usually plucked and strummed with bare fingers and thumb.

    The ukulele is mainly associated with Hawaiian music but is also found in Folk and Indie music.

    When you borrow a ukulele from RPL, you will receive it in a case to protect it. You will also receive a pick and a tuner.

    An instrument in good condition makes good music. Please see our Care and Respect video below, to learn how to take care of the ukulele while you have it.

    Never played before? No problem! You can also access free step-by-step video lessons for a variety of instruments through our digital services:

    Artist Works for Libraries
    LinkedIn Learning
    Gale Courses

    Instrument photos courtesy of Vancouver Public Library

    Learn Ukulele


    We have a variety of stringed instruments such as acoustic guitars (nylon-stringed and steel-stringed in vario...
    You'll need a valid Regina Public Library account in good standing with less than $10 owing in outstanding fee...
    No. Instruments are only available to Regina Public Library cardholders. They cannot be checked out with Commu...
    You can borrow an instrument by yourself! Just be sure to bring your library card (or digital barcode in our a...
    You can borrow one instrument at a time.
    The loan period for instruments is 21 days.
    If no one has requested that instrument, you can renew for an additional 21 days. There is a limit of two rene...
    Yes, but there is a limit of only one instrument hold per card at any given time.
    Instruments are kept at Central Library and Sherwood Village Branch. If you know which instrument you want to ...
    You'll have seven days to pick up your instrument after it becomes available for pick-up. The person that plac...
    There are books and DVDs in the library collection that can help you learn to play the instrument. Our LinkedI...
    Instruments must be returned to the location you borrowed them from during open hours.
    A late fee of $1 per day will be added to your library account, up to $42.
    As with other library materials borrowed, you are responsible for musical instruments borrowed on your card an...
    We welcome donations of gently used stringed instruments, keyboards, and light percussion.
    We cannot accept wind instruments or pianos.
    If you'd like to donate an instrument, you can bring it to Long and McQuade (1445 McIntyre Street) or Central ...
    As with other donations to Regina Public Library, the library reserves the right to decide on the disposition ...
    No. Charitable tax receipts will not be provided for donated instruments.

    • Ukulele Lessons: Fundamentals (LinkedIn Learning course free with your library card)

    • Justin Guitar - Ukulele (lessons from Justin Guitar)

    Helpful Links

    • Uke Hunt (tabs, chords, reviews, lessons)

    • UkuTuner (tuner)

    • UkuTabs (tabs for popular songs)

    Helpful Apps

    • Guitar Tuna (Google Play) (tuner)

    • Guitar Tuna  (iTunes) (tuner)

    • Yousician (Google Play) (lessons - free trial with subscription option)

    • Yousician (iTunes) (lessons - free trial with subscription option)

    • Basichords (Google Play) (finger positions and chords)

    • Basichords (iTunes) (finger positions and chords)

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