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Marketing And Communications April 20, 2021, 1:42 PM

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Diversity

Have you had a chance to explore another culture lately? We’re halfway through Celebrate Diversity Month and hope to inspire you try at least one of the following ideas (bonus points if you choose more than one): 

1. Host a (virtual) multicultural movie night and binge three World Cinema comedies using Kanopy. Our top picks come highly reviewed:

2. Ask a friend of another background to teach you how to make a family recipe over a video chat.

3. Learn how to say “nice to meet you” in five different languages using Mango Languages.

4. Listen in on this livestreamed Artist Talk between two creators with Indigenous roots: Vanessa Dion Fletcher interviews Logan MacDonald about his collaboration with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students at Winston Knoll Collegiate.

5. Stream music from around the globe using Naxos World.

6. Support a minority-owned business in your neighbourhood.

7. Count the number of languages spoken in your classroom or workplace.

8. Read a graphic novel by a diverse author, available digitally from RPL:

9. Explore these indigenous teachings brought to you by the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

10. Read an acclaimed book by a voice you haven’t heard. Here are some reading lists to inspire you:

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