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Courtney from Programming September 18, 2019, 8:32 AM

Calls to Action: Igniting the Spirit of Reconciliation

Next week, RPL,  Reconciliation Regina, Central Zone Board, and Heritage Community Association will launch a discussion series based on the Calls to Action for Truth and Reconciliation.

We will first discuss Calls #62-65 for Education with help from Balcarres Community School, where students created 94 artworks representing the 94 Calls to Action with the help of resident artist Holly Yuzicapi. The exhibit, titled Igniting the Spirit of Reconciliation will be on display at next week’s event, where it will be the focus of our discussion. The artist and teacher who coordinated the project will speak to its creation and success.

If you want a preview of the beautiful pieces created by the students, you can experience the art in the book  Igniting the Spirit of Reconciliation (of course we have it in our collection. Do you even need to ask?). The introduction reads, “Everyone can and should read, understand, and take up the Calls to Action. Reconciliation is not just for Indigenous people to tackle; to create real change, everyone must participate and be willing to grow and learn.”

The Calls to Action conversation series offers a place for everyone to learn about Truth and Reconciliation and discuss what they can do to participate in reconciliation. This event is the first of nine that will be offered at central locations in Regina. The next event will discuss Calls #25-42 on Justice at the Cathedral Community Centre on October 23rd

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