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Trudi from Non-Fiction Collections February 28, 2022, 3:33 PM

Celebrate International Women's Day!

This year’s International Woman’s Day theme is a rousing call to action to #BreakTheBias by celebrating women’s achievements and continuing the fight for gender equality. I always like to take this opportunity to reflect on the women who inspire me in my own life, and ask myself how I could be doing more to lift up our voices, especially voices that have been historically marginalized and left out of the conversation for too long. It’s been encouraging to see an increase in the publishing of Indigenous people and their stories, especially women. We have a rich cultural diversity in this country of women of all backgrounds and experiences who need to be respected and heard. 

Here are several books that have challenged and inspired me. 

Genocidal Love, Bevann Fox
Nominated for multiple Saskatchewan Book Awards, Genocidal Love is an astonishing blend of memoir and fiction that filled me with so many emotions, ranging from devastated to hopeful. It is Fox’s intimate and unflinching account of surviving residential school abuses and her journey towards healing. 

My Own Words, Ruth Bader Ginsberg
An early pioneer in the fight for gender equality, Justice Ginsberg has left behind a legacy that continues to inspire millions. This book was a revelation to me. Ginsberg’s fearless tenacity in battling for women’s rights shifted not only the American legal and labor systems closer to gender equality, but challenged the systemic biases, racism, and misogyny women continue to confront today. 

We Have Always Been Here, Samra Habib
I was moved so much by Habib’s personal story of coming to Canada as a refugee and looking for a place of safety and acceptance – her bravery and determination to discover her true self as a queer Muslim and feminist, and her journey to reconcile that with her family, her history, and a new life in a new country. 

White Feminism, Koa Beck
This book really challenged my understanding of feminism and as a cis heterosexual white woman, forced me to confront my own privilege and biases. It was sometimes an uncomfortable experience, but never stopped being a rewarding revelation of who is being left behind and how we must address this if we are to ever reach true gender equality for all women.

Find more recommendations on the Regina Public Library's website.

You can also join the conversation with today’s International Women’s Day panel discussion by four incredible local women, hosted by Sam Maciag from CBC News. Find out how we can break the bias and live in a world where difference is celebrated. 

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