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Courtney from Programming September 14, 2020, 3:50 PM

Create Your Own Concert Venue at Home

One of the things a lot of us have been missing these last few months is live music.

Regina’s always had a vibrant music scene, and the recent restrictions have been tough on performers, venues and fans - but it’s also led to some pretty creative problem-solving.

Our friends at the Regina Folk Festival (RFF) did an amazing job of adapting, offering drive-in concerts and an interactive DIYRFF guide to staging your own festival at home. It may not have been quite the same experience, but it gave us a chance to experience live music in a unique, intimate way. 

We love music at the library (you might have heard, we even lend out instruments!), so we were thrilled when the opportunity came up to partner with the RFF to host our first-ever online musical performance featuring Rae Spoon.

So, as we get ready for Rae’s performance, we thought we’d share some tips on how to create your own music venue at home, to make it a truly memorable experience:

  • Test and perfect your audio/visual setup before the concert.
  • Arrange your space to make sure nothing gets between you and the stage.
  • Clear some room for your Boogie Zone!
  • Dust off your twinkle lights or hang some paper lanterns for extra ambience.
  • Stock a small cooler with your favourite drinks and keep it close by so you don’t have to get up for refills.
  • Order in or make your own pre-show dinner, tapas, or pub snacks (support local!).
  • Choose an opening band from your favourites or try out some recommendations from RFF’s Playlist Playground.
  • Invite some friends to the online concert and keep the group chat going as you talk about your favourite songs and moments.

And finally, keep the vibe going! Do a deep dive into Rae’s work by exploring their full catalogue and reading books they’ve written, follow them on social media or seek out documentaries about their work or influences.

If you’d like to learn more about Rae Spoon, we’re also screening My Prairie Home at RPL Film Theatre this week. This NFB documentary features Rae as subject and composer, following them through their queer and musical coming-of-age against the majestic backdrop of the Canadian Prairies.

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