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Jessica from Children's Collections March 18, 2019, 9:52 AM

If you can't wait for Dog Man, here are some titles to keep you busy!

We are pretty excited about the announcement that Dav Pilkey’s newest Dog Man title, For Whom the Ball Rolls, will be coming out in August.  Here’s a list of funny animal graphic novels to keep you entertained while you wait!

Sparks! By Ian Boothby

August is a brilliant inventor who is afraid of the outside. Charlie is a crack pilot who isn't afraid of anything. Together these pals save lives every day. They also happen to be cats who pilot a powerful, mechanical dog suit!

Evil Emperor Penguin by Laura Ellen Anderson 

Evil Emperor Penguin lives in Antarctica and plots to take over the world with his two minions, a polite and thoughtful purple octopus and an abominable snowman who loves nothing more than a hug.

The King of Kazoo by Norman Feuti

Exploring a mysterious cave at the top of Mount Kazoo, scatterbrained King Cornelius and his intrepid daughter team up with a brilliant inventor to stop an alchemist's experiment from destroying the entire kingdom.

The Big Bad Fox by Benjamin Renner

Fox dreams of being the terror of the hen house, but his incompetence always gets in the way. It looks like Fox will have to spend the rest of his life eating turnips.

Mummies at the Museum by Wong Herbert Yee

When best friends Hammy and Gerbee join their class on a field trip to the science museum, they find their own fun (and trouble) along the way.

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