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Courtney from Programming October 20, 2021, 9:56 AM

Interview with Thomas Benjoe

Thomas Benjoe is President & CEO of FHQ Developments, the Investment and Economic Development Corporation for the File Hill’s Qu’Appelle Tribal Council – and also the Chair of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.

We were able to asked him a few questions just in time for Small Business Week. 

RPL: Thomas, what is the goal of FHQ Developments?

TB: FHQ Development’s goal is to contribute to the long-term economic independence and prosperity of our Limited Partners and our citizens. Our focus on Economic Development ensures that we help to grow the Indigenous business ecosystem around us that helps to advance our Nations’ and entrepreneurs’ businesses. We also ensure our HR Solutions focuses on growing Indigenous talent and advancing them vertically in their careers.

RPL: What sort of challenges do you face as an Indigenous business leader?

TB: As Indigenous people we often find ourselves in a place where we are trying to meet objectives in business while balancing our commitment to growing a community with us. Profits vs. livelihood or environment is often what is at stake.

RPL: What do you value as an Indigenous business leader?

TB: At FHQ Developments we have spent a great deal of time considering our Indigenous value systems and vision of who we are and where we see ourselves in the future. We use our values to direct how we invest, partner and build relationships that focus on Indigenous wealth generation, sustainability and livelihood. 

RPL: What is the future of Indigenous business?

TB: The evolution of Indigenous business is not just to participate in the economy but to meet our expectations as Indigenous communities and ensure we are creating an economic path of sustainability that is designed by us!

Join us Thursday October, 21 for Thomas Benjoe’s online presentation on Creating Economic Impact: An Indigenous-Led Business Model.

Small Business Week runs October 17-24. Visit our website for more Small Business Week offerings, as well as other small business resources.

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