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Brandi from Marketing November 30, 2020, 10:40 AM

"The library keeps me company"

We have a friend named Bob who is a library user and a regular donor.

We recently caught up with Bob to thank him for his contribution, and to learn more about why he chooses to give to RPL.

We were touched and humbled by the kind words he had to share…

“The library keeps me company on my walks and for that I am thankful,” said Bob. “When I go for my walk, I listen to audiobooks that I have downloaded free from the library. Books, eBooks, DVDs, CDs, online programming, movies – you name it and I use it, all because of my Regina Public Library card.

“The online resources available at RPL has been a blessing, especially during this pandemic. I’m so impressed with not only the resources available at the library, but the way it stepped up to provide online services for our community. The services and programs we have access to is almost endless.

“It’s because of the wonderful service and the wealth of resources I’ve received from RPL that I want to give back. The library is a foundation of our community – it’s there for everyone. It has been there for me, and it is there for you. I encourage you to support our local library, make your donation today.”

We are so thankful for Bob, and all our donors for their generous support of RPL. Their contributions help make it possible for us to be here for you – whether you’re visiting us in person, attending an online program, or taking us with you on your daily walk around the neighbourhood.

If you’re interested in supporting the library with a charitable donation this holiday giving season, please visit, or call our Fund Development Office at 306-777-6106.

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