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Colleen Hawkesford November 19, 2020, 9:36 AM

We've got a new look!

We have a new look, and we’re so excited to introduce it to you!

Our new logo tells the story of who we are and what we provide to our customers and our community. It’s fresh, colourful, and more in keeping with the services and programs our library offers today, and what we hope to bring you in the future! 

It looks simple at first glance, but our logo has many meanings. When we look at it, we see: 

  • a nice, big “L” shape, for library, of course!
  • a set of picture frames, representing the library as a “window” to the world, providing opportunities to discover, learn, and connect. You’ll see these frames a lot in our promotions, photos, and information about the library;
  • a bird’s eye view of a library and its book stacks, with lots of room to wander and browse; 
  • a curated path through the latest Dunlop Art Gallery exhibition;
  • the winding plot of a film showing at the RPL Film Theatre; and
  • open books, just waiting to be read!

What do you see when you look at our new logo?

The colours we use also have meanings behind them. Along with navy blue, the library, Dunlop Art Gallery, and RPL Film Theatre each have their own scheme: 

  • the library colours (purple and green) evoke feelings of warmth, welcome, and leadership; 
  • the Dunlop colours (teal and bright yellow) are provocative and bold; and
  • the film theatre colours (grey and red) evoke thoughts of black-and-white cinema – a classic, yet avant-garde art form.

You’ll also see a new tagline that we’ll be using on our materials: discover, learn, and connect. That is our promise to you: we will all work hard to ensure your library provides you with opportunities to discover, learn, and connect.  

We hope you appreciate our new logo and come to see it as a great representation of your library!

About Author

Colleen Hawkesford

Colleen is the Manager, Marketing and Communications at Regina Public Library. She loves working for the library and using her skills to help others learn about all the cool things the library offers.

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