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Brandi from Marketing April 14, 2021, 10:48 AM

What’s your #RPLStory?

When I was growing up, my family moved a lot.  

I went to eight schools between kindergarten and my high school graduation, and for a VERY shy and anxious introvert, that was not an easy thing. 

No matter what city I was in, the library was a sanctuary for me. In Regina, that was RPL’s Sunrise Branch. It was a place I could go when being the ‘new kid’ got to be too much, where nobody made fun of me for being a nerd, carrying a book with me everywhere I went, or writing in a journal instead of talking at the lunch table.  

It gave me a chance to get used to my new surroundings on my own terms, which was really comforting when I didn’t have any control over where I ended up.  

My story might not be as impactful as some of the others we’ve shared, but it means a lot to me—and so does the library.  

I think I can speak for all of us at RPL when I say that one of the best parts of working here is that we get to meet so many people who are living out truly amazing stories.  

Right now, we’re looking for volunteers to share their personal stories about how Regina Public Library has helped transform their lives.  

If you have an #RPLStory, and would like to share it, please contact us

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