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3D Scanning and Printing (in DMS)

The Digital Media Studio (DMS) now provides in-studio access to 3D Scanning and Printing equipment to RPL customers. The 3D scanning package and free 3D Printer must be used in the studio, but the staff is available to help you get started. This is a discover-and-learn opportunity for customers to get familiar with 3D scanning and printing equipment: staff has been instructed to guide and assist customers to build skills and gain experience with 3D modeling and printing. Staff will not be able to scan and print 3D projects for customers who are not present in the studio.

3D Scanning

3D Scanner Package in the Digital Media StudioA professional grade 3D Scanner package is now available in the Digital Media Studio for RPL customers to book time in-studio to discover and learn how to create high-quality 3D models. These scanned models can be edited on our Media Workstations and sent to our in-studio 3D Printer - free of charge - to see your 3D projects come to life!

  • Easy-to-use scanning hardware and software, perfect for beginners but suitable for professional use.
  • Capable of scanning 3D objects with/without colour with up to 0.1mm accuracy and can detect a vast range of colours and textures.
  • Comes with a handheld scanner and tabletop turntable for 360-degree scans of smaller objects.
  • Custom edits to scanned objects can be made on our Media Workstations and then sent to our in-studio 3D Printer.

Using the 3D Scanner

The 3D Scanner can be used as a handheld scanner or a tabletop turntable to get a full 360-degree scan of your object. Objects must be small enough to fit on the turntable in order to use it. 

Staff will help you get set up and assist you with basic instructions on how to use the scanning equipment. This is a discover-and-learn service: customers will learn how to independently scan, modify and print their 3D modeling projects.

You can book time on the 3D Scanner and other DMS resources using the Book Now online reservation service located on the right-hand side of this page. 

  • Note: The 3D Scanner Package is part of the Flex Studio booking process.


Need help with 3D Scanning?


3D Printing (free for in-studio use only)

Customers interested in 3D printing their projects on the Digital Media Studio 3D Printer must be physically present to submit their print jobs and remove them when they are done. Access to the 3D printer is first-come first-served during open Digital Media Studio hours. Customers are expected to learn how to prepare and send projects to the 3D Printer, but the staff is available to guide and assist customers. Given some print jobs can run several hours, it is acceptable for customers to come and go while the project is printing as long as they make arrangements to return when the project is scheduled to be complete. 

3D Printing is free for in-studio printing that is self-managed by customers in the Digital Media Studio. If customers aren't able to come to the DMS to print their own 3D projects, RPL does offer a 3D Printing service for customers who just want to submit their projects to RPL staff to print for them.

  • RPL's 3D Printing service comes with a cost of 10 cents/gram and requires customers to create an account and submit their 3D project online and then approve a payment estimate before RPL staff will place it into our printing queue. Customers will pay at the time of pickup.

Full details of our 3D Printing services and terms of use can be found on our 3D Printing landing page

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Manage room reservation

Manage room reservation

Digital Media Studio workstations, flex studio (green screen and 3D scanning) and WhisperRoom recording studio space is bookable in 3 hour blocks during Studio operating hours. The Studio itself can be found next to the Dunlop Art Gallery on the main floor of Central Library.

When you arrive for your booking a Digital Media Studio staff member will be available to walk you through a brief orientation of the equipment and show you where you can access additional support material to guide you through your project.

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