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General Guidelines

Regina Public Library's Digital Media Studio (DMS) offers dedicated equipment, computers, software, and products space for learning and creating music, audio recording, video production and editing, 3D scanning and printing, and other creative digital media projects. The Digital Media Studio is designed for small groups and individuals who seek to create and edit media projects involving, but not limited to, video, audio, music, photography, illustration and 3D modelling.

Noise: Due to the creative and collaborative nature of the Digital Media Studio, there is no guarantee of a silent atmosphere. All Digital Media Studio visitors are asked to be respectful of each other and of the Library's conduct policy regarding noise. The WhisperRoom Sound Studio is intended to be actively used with the door shut.

Conduct: The Safe Use and Conduct Bylaw and Internet Access Policy applies to activities in the Studio. Any violations of this policy may result in loss of Studio privileges and / or full library privileges. Treat your group, our staff, and other artists kindly.

Personal Belongings: Your personal items are your responsibility to monitor. Other people's personal items are to be respected.

Content Creation and Copyright: Digital Media Studio created content must conform to acceptable community and legal standards.

Collaboration: Digital Media workstations in the Studio are designed for collaboration. RPL retains the right to limit the number of people around a single workstation to a maximum of three.

Free Access: Library personnel must always have free access to Digital Media Studio production spaces. RPL retains the right to monitor all activity conducted on Library premises to ensure compliance with Library rules and regulations.

Use of Personal Devices: Digital Media Studio visitors are encouraged to connect personal devices to Digital Media Studio equipment but support for such equipment may not be available. RPL staff may disconnect personal devices which interfere with the operation of Library equipment of the ability of other users to complete projects. Compatibility of personal devices with Digital Media Studio hardware and software is not guaranteed.

Content Ownership: The Library reserves the right to erase user files left on Library owned hard drives and removable storage without prior notice. Customers are strongly encouraged to backup their projects to personal storage devices or cloud-based backup solutions.

Library Card: All visitors to the Digital Media Studio are strongly encouraged to get a SILS library card. At least one member of your group must possess a valid SILS library card to reserve studio spaces and workstations. Library cards are also required to check out equipment though further restrictions also apply to equipment check out - see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Damages and Liability: Faulty equipment or room concerns must be reported immediately. Card-holders are responsible for returning and restoring all rooms and equipment to their originally checked out conditions.

Equipment and rooms will be inspected for damage upon check-in. Customers may be present during this inspection. Any damages found will be charged to the customer and may up to the full replacement cost for the equipment. Card-holders who have outstanding charges for lost or damaged equipment may be denied Digital Media Studio privileges until the charges are reconciled.

RPL does not assume responsibility for personal items or items checked out to card-holders. Equipment usage privileges may be revoked due to careless handling of library equipment, repeated tardiness in returning library owned equipment, or damage. Please note that unattended library equipment is considered careless handling.

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Manage room reservation

Manage room reservation

Digital Media Studio workstations, flex studio (green screen and 3D scanning) and WhisperRoom recording studio space is bookable in 3 hour blocks during Studio operating hours. The Studio itself can be found next to the Dunlop Art Gallery on the main floor of Central Library.

When you arrive for your booking a Digital Media Studio staff member will be available to walk you through a brief orientation of the equipment and show you where you can access additional support material to guide you through your project.

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